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ZKO - Dutch National Programme Sea and Coastal Research

May 2012

In 2005, internal and external recommendations lead to the decision to realise a national research and development plan for sea and coastal research. The resulting ZKO (Zee- en Kust Onderzoek; National programme Sea and Coastal Research) programme is focussed on the scientific analysis of five societal challenges related to a sustainable use of sea and coastal zones. These five main challenges are:

  • safety
  • economic yield
  • nature
  • spatial planning & development
  • water quality

The ZKO programme aims to facilitate collaboration between different research institutes in this field. Research done within this programme focuses on strengthening the understanding and knowledge of coastal development, the role of biogeochemical cycles and particle flows in relation to water quality, the capacity for a sustainable yield of the ecosystem, changes in biodiversity, the influence of seas and oceans on climate change and the effects of climate change on the marine system. This understanding can provide a basis for possible predictions.

The national programme for sea and coastal research (ZKO) has the following subprogrammes:

  1. Changing Capacity for the Coastal zone and the Wadden Sea
  2. Oceans
  3. North Sea for the continental shelf north of the Channel
  4. Transnational Wadden Sea ResearchThe research projects subsidised by the ZKO programme will be carried out during the period 2008-2013.

Contact: Annamarie Krieg