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WP 1 Pogress Report

Autumn 2011

Work has progressed rapidly in terms of the mapping of the landscape of existing science-policy interfaces (SPI) on biodiversity. A Concept Note was drafted at the end of 2010, setting out the framework of analysis for the different case studies that SPIRAL will address and supporting the development of the adaptive design(s) that will be used for the test cases.

Following on from this work, SPI categories were developed in order to structure the vast SPI landscape and to get an overview of the range of different organizational approaches. Four generic SPI categories reflecting organizational structure were identified:

  • interest group involved in science
  • science project
  • expert group
  • state agency or institute

Within these generic categories six more fine-grained SPI categories based on SPI functions were added.

The mapping exercise has resulted in a database of 150 SPIs for biodiversity at different levels (selected EU-member states, the EU and the global level). 

Johannes Timaeus