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Download now:  the SPIRAL Handbook and SPIRAL Synthesis Report (collection of all SPIRAL briefs)


SPIRAL has produced these papers:



SPIRAL has also generated short briefs and longer reports exploring biodiversity science-policy interfaces.

The briefs produced by the SPIRAL project cover a number of different aspects related to biodiversity science-policy interfaces, from understanding science-policy interfaces and biodiversity, to help on developing them.

The main audiences for these briefs are scientists, either directly involved in SPIs (including SPI work packages within a project), writing a proposal involving an SPI, or just interested in SPIs and wanting to contribute to policy. Decision-makers wanting to learn about biodiversity and SPIs or developing an SPI might also find these briefs interesting, as could research funders or proposal evaluators concerned with the policy relevance of research. Finally, translators and other key knowledge holders and/or users might find some of these briefs useful in their work.

You will find the full range of briefs in the animation below. The briefs with a "Get the brief" button are briefs which are available for download (let us know if you have any comments on them). 

The collection of briefs can also be found in the SPIRAL Synthesis Report. You can either print this 100 page booklet or make a selection of the briefs you are most interested it.



Alternatively, here is a list of the briefs:

Briefs marked (FR) also available in French. Please scroll down to the bottom of the list to download them.

Understanding science-policy interfaces

Understanding biodiversity

Improving communication

Strengthening science-policy interfaces

Integrating credibility, relevance, legitimacy and iterativity

Learning from existing science-policy interfaces

Moving from interfaces to alliances


Briefs in French

In addition to these briefs, we have also produced a flyer, regular newsletters, longer reports, and the SPIRAL Handbook.

The SPIRAL Synthesis Report contains all 34 briefs.


SPIRAL flyer

SPIRAL Newsletter heading


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