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Water Framework Directive in Romania

Coctober 2013

Read the final brief: An emerging multi-level and multi-function SPI for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Romania

May 2012

Adaptive and integrated water resources management at watersheds scales also designated as Sustainable Watershed Management was chosen as a major strategic and operational target of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The integrated SPI for sustainable management (SPI/WFD) across eleven watersheds established in Romania is aiming to enable, on the one hand, access to high quality monitoring data, scientific and traditional knowledge, and expertise concerning water, biodiversity and ecosystem processes and services and, on the other hand, effective stakeholders participation into policy and decision making process.

Thus SPI/WFD is aiming to facilitate the understanding and operationalization of the key concepts of natural capital, biodiversity, ecosystem services and sustainability in the River Base Management Plans. SPIRAL follows the development of the SPI/WFD to better understand needs and choices made in this context.

Contact: Angheluta Vadineanu