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SPIRAL Paper Published in GAIA


Against the background of a continuing biodiversity loss there is a strong need to improve the interfaces between science and policy. Many approaches for such interfaces exist, the most recent being the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). A less prominent approach to interface science with policy consists of research projects directly linking with decision makers.The SPIRAL paper "Improving the Science-Policy Interface of Biodiver sity Research Projects" in GAIA present insights and recommendations on how to do this successfully, highlighting among others the role of facilitating mutual learning and enhancing interface expertise in institutions.

Authors: Carsten Neßhöver, Johannes Timaeus, Heidi Wittmer, Annamaria Krieg, Nicoleta Geamana, Sybille van den Hove, Juliette Young, Allan Watt

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